How to log my sets/exercises?

SmartGym works with always having a base routine. This means that you will always have a pre-defined list of exercises with sets, reps and sometimes weight. This can be created by you from scratch, or added from the Explore tab, or created by Smart Trainer.

When you start working out and choose an exercise, all the pre-defined sets, reps and weight will be there for you you as guidance.

There are two ways to log these sets. You can either tap the sets, or tap the "Log Different Sets" button.

Tapping the Sets

When you tap the set, or use the rest timer, SmartGym will automatically log that specific set for you. With a single tap, that set gets logged to your history.

What if I want to log a different set?

There are two ways to log different sets. If you want to log this set and overwrite the routine for future workouts, than you can simply edit the exercise and change its values. After that, just log it by tapping the set like previously described.

If you want to log different sets, without overwriting the routine (keeping the previous set for future workouts), then you can simply tap the "Log Different Sets" button. "Log Different Sets" will log this set to your History, but will not change the routine.


If you choose the "Log Different Sets" option, you can simply tap the button, and add your sets as you go through them.

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