Setting Up Apple Watch Ultra Action Button

SmartGym takes the Apple Watch Ultra Action Button to a whole new level. Please follow the steps below to correctly set up the Action Button.

Make Sure SmartGym is Updated

In order to configure your Apple Watch Ultra Action Button to work with SmartGym, you need to have SmartGym version 6.2 or newer installed on your Apple Watch.

To know which version you have installed, open SmartGym on your Apple Watch, tap "More", then scroll down to "Version".

If SmartGym is not updated on your Apple Watch, just open the App Store on your Watch, then search for SmartGym and tap Update.

Configure SmartGym

  1. Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Scroll down and tap "Action Button".
  3. Tap the "Action" button at the top, then select "Workout" from that list.
  4. Tap the "App" button right under the "Action" button, then select "SmartGym" from that list.
  5. Tap "First Press" and select your preferences.
    1. At the top, you can select the First Press to either "Open SmartGym" or to "Start a Workout" with SmartGym.
    2. If you choose "Start a Workout", SmartGym will give you a few options. Select the one you prefer.

Quick Tip: If you accidentally press the Action Button and unintentionally start a workout with SmartGym, you can just press the Action Button again, during the initial 3 seconds countdown, to cancel the workout.

After First Press (Smart Action)

After you started your workout using the Action Button, you can keep pressing it to move forward within your workout.

This means that the Action Button will always trigger the next step in your workout. This can be to log a set and start a rest timer, or cancel that timer, or move to the next exercise if it's the last set, or move back to a previous exercise in a superset, or many other actions.

For example: If you are inside the exercise's detail screen and still have some sets to be done, pressing the Action Button will log a set and start the rest timer. If you have a timer running, pressing the Action Button will cancel that timer. If you've done all sets for that specific exercise, pressing the Action Button will move to the next exercise. If you've done every exercise from this specific routine, pressing the Action Button will end the workout session.

Basically, SmartGym is constantly analyzing your progress to always predict what the next action is, so you can always trigger this action by just pressing the Action Button.