How do I use Smart Trainer?

Using Smart Trainer is super easy and straightforward. Smart Trainer can do two main things for you. First, it can create complete workouts based on your preferences. Second, it will suggest changes to your routines based on your progress.

Creating a Workout with Smart Trainer

  1. Tap the "+" button on the top right corner of the Routine's tab.
  2. Select your preferences like equipment you have available, experience level, goal...
  3. Review your workout in the Summary Screen.
  4. Tap "Add Workout" to add these routines to your account.

That's it! You now have an entire workout created for you with just a few taps.

Smart Trainer Suggestions

Based on your progress Smart Trainer may suggest changes to your exercises. At the appropriate time, it will also suggest an all new workout, with all new exercises.

Inside each routine created by Smart Trainer, you will see a banner at the top. This will let you know the state of Smart Trainer for that specific routine. When it's bright blue, it means Smart Trainer has suggestions for you.

Tap the bright blue banner at the top to review each suggestion. Tap each suggestion if you want to disable it. After you've reviewed all suggestions, tap "Update Routine".