How do I create a custom routine?

Creating custom routines with SmartGym is super simple. Follow the steps below and you will quickly create your own.

  • On the Routines tab, tap Add Routine if you don't have one, or tap the "+" on the top right side of the screen.
  • Fill in all your information at the top.
    • Name (optional): the name of this routine. You can leave empty and SmartGym will add one for you.
    • Days: the days you will do this routine.
    • Goal: what's your goal with this routine.
    • Stretches (optional): If you have any stretches before you start your routine, you can add them here.
    • Renewal (optional): Use to indicate when you want to update or change this specific routine.
  • Tap Add New Exercise to start adding your exercise.
    • Don't see the one you want on that list? That's ok, it's super easy to add your own.
    • Add the values you want to this exercise, then tap save. If you have some questions about this, take a look at the related articles below.
  • If you added a new exercise but want to change its position inside the routine, just tap and hold the three lines on the right and drag to the place you want it.
  • If you changed your mind about an exercise, then just tap the red button on the left to remove it.
  • After everything is setup, just tap save on the top right corner.