How do I listen to music and listen to SmartGym's Voice Guidance at the same time?

SmartGym offers HIIT workouts with voice guidance. This will play an audio guiding you in every step you need to do during the workout. When to rest, when to start exercising, when to move to another exercise and so on.

You can listen to the Voice Guidance on your iPhone or on your Apple Watch. But there is one problem. Many users still listen to music through their iPhones, while wearing their Apple Watch and while using SmartGym on their Apple Watch. 

And this creates a big problem. Here's why: Most wireless headphones only support audio from one playing device. So, if you listening to music on your iPhone, that's the device responsible for playing audio on your wireless headphones. And if you're running SmartGym on your Apple Watch, then SmartGym won't be able to play any audio on your headphones as well, only on the Watch speaker.

So, there are two options to get Voice Guidance + Music on your headphones:

Option 1: Connect your wireless headphones to your Apple Watch, and only listen to music/podcast stored on it. It needs to be music that is stored on the Watch itself or streamed through the Watch. Basically, only Apple Music songs, Podcasts, or songs that you have downloaded and synced to your iPhone. Spotify will not work.

Option 2: Start the HIIT Sequence from the iPhone. Then choose to also start the session on your Apple Watch as well. This will sync the sequence between both devices. But the audio will be played through the iPhone. SmartGym on the Apple Watch will just display your exercises. This is just like starting the sequence from the Watch, but it uses the iPhone to play the audio instead.