How to use the Apple Watch app?

Before you start, please make sure you have enabled SmartGym to read your Health data. If you're unsure, please take a look at this helper article.

Also make sure you've added your routines on the iPhone app. Or that you've added a pre-made workout. Pre-Made Workouts can also be added from your Apple Watch, without the need to use the iPhone.

If for some reason your Apple Watch is not showing the routines you've added on your iPhone, there is a super simple fix. Just follow the steps on this helper article.

This tutorial will show SmartGym working with our SmartGym Premium+ plan. Make sure you've subscribed to our premium plan to access all these features.

So, let's get started

First things first. SmartGym is one of the most powerful Apple Watch apps in the world! It's completely independent, which means, there is no need to take your iPhone with you. You can leave it in the bag or even back home, and SmartGym will still work.

Just make sure SmartGym is logged into your SmartGym Premium account.

Main Screen

On the Main Screen you can view all your current routines, access the explore tab with all the Pre-Made Workouts, view your history and previous workouts, change settings on the More tab and more.

Tap Start Workout to start tracking your health data, like heart rates, calories burned and distance (never use Apple's Workouts app alongside SmartGym, as they will conflict with each other resulting in bad tracking — You can learn more about that here).

Routine's Detail

When you select a routine, SmartGym will show a list with every exercise inside it, which muscles are being targeted, a button on the bottom right to refresh it, and a button on the bottom left to see your Routine's Progress (you can see more about this below).

Select an exercise to see it in detail.

Exercise's Detail

This is problably the screen you will use the most. It shows all the information you need about each specific exercise.

SmartGym has two interface options for this specific screen. The Default, which is the one we're going to cover on this tutorial. And the Advanced Logging Interface for more experienced users, that you can learn more about it here.

There are a few important things here:

  • At the top you get your sets counter.
  • At the top right corner you get the More button. From there you can edit this exercise, see your notes, track this exercise's progress, customize the bottom left button and more.
  • Tap the name of the exercise to access more information about it, like the animation showing the execution as well as detailed instructions.
  • The gray button with a number on the left is the current set you are at. It's gray when you haven't logged it yet. It's green, when you've logged it.
  • At the center you have your current set. If you happen to have multiple different sets, with different reps and weight, just tap it to see all of them. SmartGym will also automatically change it as you progress and log them.
  • The bottom left button is a customizable button. You can choose its action from inside the "More" button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap your health data at the bottom to see more details about it. It's also where you go to end the workout session.
  • Tap the bottom right button to start your rest timer. With SmartGym, your rest timer and sets are actually tied together. So every time you start a rest timer, SmartGym will automatically log a set for you.
  • You can move forward to the next exercise on the list by either rotating the digital crown, as well as scroling vertically with your finger.

After you've done your first set, tap the rest timer button to log the current set and start the rest countdown. When the timer is done, SmartGym will vibrate your wrist to alert you your rest has ended.


SmartGym's timer screen shows a lot of important information while you rest.

There are a few important things here:

  • At the top of the screen you can see all the sets you've done and also the remaining ones. You can tap it to view all your sets in detail.
  • At the bottom of the screen you get your health data, like heart rate and calories. You can tap it to view your workout session in detail.
  • If the next set is different from the current one, SmartGym will show the next set inside the timer screen, so you can accommodate any changes needed while you rest.
  • At the appropriate time SmartGym will show a button to move forward to the next action. This can be moving to the next exercise, the first exercise in a superset or ending a workout if it's the last exercise of a routine.
  • You can also scroll down vertically to access many other actions, information on the next exercise and more.

Tap Next Exercise to move forward. This will bring you back to the Exercise's Detail, but this time showing you the next exercise you need to do.

After you complete every exercise, just tap the End Workout button to end the workout session. You can also tap your health data to go to the Workout Session screen. From there, simply scroll down to end the workout session.

Workout Session

At anytime you can jump to your workout session. Just tap on your health data on the screen. This will give you all the details about this specific workout session.

Scroll this screen down to end your workout session. SmartGym will then show you a summary of your workout, as well as how your Activity Rings look after the workout is completed.

A Few Extra Features


From the main screen you can scroll down and then tap the History button. This will give you access to your previous workouts, charts, monthly summary, which muscles were targeted and more.

Routine Progress

View the most relevant information about every workout you've done with a specific routine. It's extremely powerful and gives you amazing insights into your progress. Just tap the bottom left button on the Routine's Detail screen. Get information on your calories, average heart rate, duration of each workout, distance and volume.

Exercise's Progress

From the Exercise's Detail screen, tap the More button on the top right corner to see the exercise's progress. This will show every time you've done this exercise and your progress.

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