How to use SmartGym

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The Basics

SmartGym is divided into 5 tabs:

Routines: This is where you can find every routine you've added to your account. And you can add more by tapping the "+" button on the top right corner.

Explore: Over 130 pre-made workouts, carefully created by Personal Trainers. You can add them to your account with a few taps.

History: All the workouts you've done, your muscles, awards and summaries.

Measures: A place to store and track your measurements.

More: All the settings and extra content inside SmartGym.

Adding New Routines

SmartGym offers a few ways to add routines to your account. You can tap the "+" button on the top right corner of the Routine's tab, or go to the Explore tab and add a Pre-Made Workout from there.

Routine's Tab

When you tap the "+" button on the top right corner of the Routine's tab, you're shown three options, "Create From Scratch", "Trust Us" and "Create For Muscles". The last two options use Smart Trainer to help you.

Explore Tab

SmartGym offers over 130 pre-made workouts, carefully created by Personal Trainers. They are all divided into different categories. After you select the one you want, just tap "Add Workout" to add it to your account and show up inside the Routine's tab.

Starting a Workout

After you're done setting up all your routines, you're ready to start working out.

First tap the Routine's tab. Then, select which routine you want to do. After that just tap the "Start" button.

This will start your workout session and take you to the first exercise of the routine. This is where you get all the information about each specific exercise, like sets, reps, weight and more. If you want to change these values, just tap "Edit" on the top right corner of the screen.

When you're ready to do this exercise, start doing the first set. After you complete it, just log the set by tapping the set's number. This will automatically save this set to your history and start the rest timer.

After all sets are logged, you can move to the next exercise. You can either tap the arrow on the top right corner, or tap the blue button "Next Exercise" that shows up when it's time to move forward.

When you're done working out, you can just tap the red button at the bottom to end the workout session. SmartGym will stop the duration timer and sync this workout to Apple's Fitness and Health apps (if you've given permission).

Tracking Your Progress

SmartGym shows lots of different insights on your progress. You can check the progress on each exercise specifically. Check your progress on each routine. Or check the history tab to see an overall view of every workout you've done with SmartGym.

Exercise Progress: Inside each exercise, you can see the Exercise Progress button. This shows you your progress on this exercise specifically.

Routine Progress: Inside each routine, you can see the Routine Progress button. This shows you your progress on this routine specifically.

Monthly Summary: Inside the history tab, you can see your Monthly Summary. This gives you an overview of your month. You can change the month on the top right corner.

History: The History tab is where you can see all your previous workouts.

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